Thursday, September 4, 2014

“A Voice in the Forest”

Songs of hitbodedut (Jewish meditation) and mystical songs from the Forests of Poland and Ukraine
Olga Avigail, singer and folklore researcher, together with actorAvishai Fish of Habima Theater, in a joint performance of songs of self-seclusion meditation and mystical songs from the world of the Baal Shem Tov and his disciples. A rare glimpse into the repertoire of early Hassidism in all its variations, from prayer melodies through tavern tunes, in a multilingual performance on the seams running between the world of Yiddish and Ukraine.
With: Olga Avigail – vocals and accordion; Avishai Fish – vocals, accordion, and flutes; Tal Kuhn – contrabass
Special guest artist: Marta Maslanka (Poland) – cymbals and drums
Musical direction and arrangements – Avishai Fish
In collaboration with Yung YiDish and with the support of the Polish Institute
Tuesday, September 30, 7pm, BEIT AVI CHAI Auditorium
Tickets: ₪60.  Students: ₪30.  Advance purchase: ₪50
Avishai Fisz צילום יהונתן דביר
Photo: Jonathan Dvir pics_wide9
Prelude to the musical evening “A Voice in the Forest”
On Israeli Ashkenazi Jewish Identity among Youth
Michal Govrin in conversation with Lior Alperovitch and Avishai Fish
Writer Michal Govrin talks with historian Lior Alperovitch and musician Avishai Fish regarding contemporary Jewish-Ashkenazi identity. Is there such an identity? What do the young Ashkenazi Israelis yearn for and why is it okay to yearn?
Tuesday, September 30, 6pm, BEIT AVI CHAI Auditorium