Olga Avigail Mieleszczuk is a singer, accordion player and researcher of Eastern European musical folklore. Born in Warsaw, from few years she divides her time between Warsaw and Jerusalem.  Olga is educated in classical music (B.A. in Music School of F.Chopin in Warsaw)  and graduated with master’s degree in Anthropology of Culture (Warsaw University). Since the very beginning of her creative work, she has been focusing on Jewish music of Ashkenazi roots, especially from borderlands of Poland (Galitzia, Polesye). She studied Chassidic music, folk Yiddish songs, multilingual Jewish songs, she participated in a two-year seminar for Yiddish songs in the Yiddish Theatre in Warsaw and is studying Yiddish in Yung Yidish center in Tel Aviv. Olga was also studying traditional singing techniques of Slavic music (like Ukrainian “white voice") with the Borderland Music Foundation, based in Poland.

Olga was performing in the Lincoln Center in New York, Jewish Museum in Oslo, Eden-Tamir Music Center in Jerusalem, Jewish Music Festival in Warsaw, Chutzpah! Festival in Vancouver, Jewish Music Festival in Berkeley California, Festival Piyut in Jerusalem, in Jewish community Center  in Copenhagen, Polish Consulate in Kaliningrad and much more.

Her debut CD "Jewish Folksongs from the shtetl"  was well received and the last album "Lilalo"
has been released in the beginning of 2015.

Olga is initiating Polish-Israeli music projects in cooperation with organizations for Yiddish culture in Israel and Poland:  Shalom Foundation from Warsaw, Cukerman’s Gate Foundation and Meeting Rimanov Association,  the Museum of the History of the Polish Jews.

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  1. I came upon Olga by accident on You Tube. I'm hooked. She sings beautifullly. Her Yiddish tango songs are fabulous. And so is the three-piece band that she works with. Stephen Miller (Reston, VA USA)

  2. Marvelous voice and profond insight in yiddish folksong

  3. My respect! It's a huge contribution to Polish and Jewish Culture and Friendship.