Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Rivkele - Rebeka Yiddish Tango


  1. Beautiful! Can you please post the Yiddish lyrics?

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  3. Sorry I'm french and can't read at all the link you gave just up there... Where can I find the lyrics in german and partition of this wonderfull song ? Thanks in advance as I can't read polish at all and I can't find any link to translate the site you indicate. Lise

  4. I found an English translation of a Yiddish version of this song, if that's of any help. Apparently, there were different versions of the text in Polish and Yiddish that had this scenario:

    He saw her first when he went to buy something
    And after that time would go often and ask her "Be mine,
    I'll shower you with gold. I'm the town's nobleman.
    Put aside your pauper's clothes.
    Wait, I'lll make you a queen. I won't ask more than a small dowry.
    For me you'll convert [to Christianity], and in my palace I'll take you to me..."

    Oh, you my destined one, your sweet words are as beautiful as you are
    But my father and mother and the whole town will curse me:
    "Rivkele the small charming beautiful one has run off with a Christian
    And instead of a synagogue she goes to church."
    I'll only be your friend. A huge outcry in town, that would be a real horror
    My father and mother would cry, my brother and sister and the whole house
    This is my beloved. Your sweet words shall remain holy and pure
    But our love, our holy love, must remain a dream.

  5. I´ll find the text in origine - is there anybody who knews? Thank yer for Information, God bless you - Greatings from genaro

  6. YEs please, I'd love to see the yiddish lyrics in print